Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Comancheros Are Taking This Land...Duh

I was shocked, shocked I tell you, to discover that my Sweetie didn't know all the lyrics to the theme song/"music inspired by" of John Wayne's The Comancheros (as sung by Claude King in 1961). You do, right? Of course you do, at least the balls to the wall last verse:

I'll cover every inch of the ground where I stand 
I'd die before I'd run 
 I'm not afraid of any living man and here I'll make my stand 
With a gun I'll make my stand...

I mention this not only because I'm sitting around watching The Comancheros for the umpteenth time on the western channel this AM...BTW, it's chocked full of quotable quips..."It's time we both quit, Crow. You don't like losing to me and I don't like winning from you"...but the song lyrics reveal how far we've come as a nation since 1961.

Imagine those lyrics applied to, say, Tom Hanks or even Sean Penn as opposed to John Wayne!  What a strange bifurcated social culture we live in, where Hollywood churns out paeans to an ever-shrinking audience extolling the joys of socialism, the glorification of cowardice and a moral relativism that would make Caligula blush, while the real audience stays home and practices killing people with ever more realistic video games. "Sad little kings of sad little hills..." No wonder broken boys sit in their mom's basement crafting spreadsheets and dark fantasies to help in the killing of children.

So, anyway, I underslept this morning and woke up thinking about "The New Rules of the Road," an expansion or maybe a complete rewrite security notes I put together for TRAIL SAFE. The first five were actually waiting in my head when I woke up, so I sprinted to the iPad to write them down:

1. Be armed 
2. Stay armed 
3. Don't just look...see 
4. Be grey 
5. Think OPSEC

I always try to listen to the junk rattling around in my head...yes, I hear the voices in my head I swear to God I  think that they're snoring they think that I'm boring, etc. I'm going to be expanding on this for the newly back-in-production "The New Survival Guns" book.  I went to bed thinking about how all of us need to live now in the All-New America! with flypaper laws, civilian drones, citizen informers, 24/7 surveillance, militarized police, TSA checkpoints, and the fact that HUFFPO is seeking people who have had sex with aliens.

There's an interesting article in the WSJ on the 'conundrum" about gun polling:
Press clippings over the last 25 years show reported counts of gun owners fluctuating from 44 million up to 192 million, with dozens of different figures cited, some in the same year, and some — such as the 192 million figure — the result of confusing estimates of guns in American households with counts of gun owners, some of whom own more than one gun. The polling discrepancies have baffled pollsters.
LOL! Let me help clear up your baffled state...we hate you sorry, lying SOBs with a screaming passion! We understand that, as the Miranda card reads, everything we say can and will be used against us in the court of public opinion. Speaking as a student of statistical analysis and mass communications in my ill-fated college career, I understand that every poll is solely designed as a political weapon, and pollsters don't tell us in whose hands they place that weapon. Would any of us really answer a "poll" commissioned by Mayor Against Illegal Guns whom we know to be our utterly ruthless, utterly unconcerned with truth blood enemies? Since we don't know who's holding the cat's paw, my suggestion would be to NEVER ANSWER a matter what. Hang up the phone Throw away the letter. If you insist on answering a written poll, ALWAYS LIE...poison the data well!

Okay...I'm being a hypocrite about polls...I did answer one, where I told the pollster that, yes, unequivocally, I would be willing to stay home from work to watch a television series in which a 18-wheeler morphed into a talking, crime-fighting dinosaur. That's the truth...sadly...

Still snowing and only 10 degrees, explaining perhaps why I'm not out shooting a 3-GUN match as we'd planned. Later we're going to do a long snowshoe and let Alf the Wonder Beagle break trail, which she loves to do. Of course, like the rest of us, she can't break as much trail as she used to.


_DonWorsham_ said...

For something different...on tonight..."South of Heaven, West of Hell" Dwight Yoakam

Anonymous said...

When we were a nation of individuals, we set our minds to trying to accomplish something. Now that we are on the path to "socialism" we invest our efforts in trying to be someone.

Anonymous said...

Hello Michael from the eastern (right) border of PRoB.

Just registered for this forum next week at the Post, 4/2.
I'm sure you are sick of all their garbage, but I am planning to go at the risk of major brain damage. Thought I'd let you know as I assume you don't waste your time reading the Post.

Anon East of Boulder