Friday, March 08, 2013

Vote Day!

Today the Colorado Senate votes on Michael Bloomberg's antigun agenda.

Governor Hickenlooper did an interview a couple of days ago where he explained that we don't count, that the thousands and thousands of Colorado residents who have turned out at every sham "public hearing," at townhall meetings across the state, who have flooded legislature with visits, phone calls, letters and message — one legislator told me the messaging was running as high as 1000-1 against gun control — matter less than the four full-time lobbyists paid by Bloomberg and the Bloomberg touring blood dancers.

We'll see...if not today, in 2014.


Elm Creek Smith said...

Hickenlooper doesn't get it. He talks about getting Magpul more business from the Feds when Magpul can sell all the magazines they can make right now. Apparently, no one has ever explained to him the difference between profits and principles.


Anonymous said...

I found there is a movement afoot to get those Representatives out via a recall election NOW..


Unknown said...

Recall worked in Wisconsin - meaning that there was a recall attempt that thankfully failed in our case.

Rastus said...

They think gun owners will fade away and take it like we have on many other rights that have been stolen.

This is the line. Today we all stand and we stand with you Colorado.

No more. No further. No more debate when it actually isn't. The politicians don't think the 90's will repeat themselves at the voting booth. They are wrong.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of these bills today. My sincerest condolences to all those who will suffer for it.

Texas is looking awfully friendly,


Anonymous said...

Being a 4th generation Colorado resident used to be something to be proud of. My great grandfather came here and people like him fought hard to make Colorado what it used to be before today. He would be shocked to know that our rights as gun owners are being taken here in what used to be a Western state to be proud of.

No pride here any more.