Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Training With a .22"

Well, whenever we can all get ammo again...LOL! Tom Yost and I just finished filming "Training With a .22" for Panteao Productions in Florida over the last few days. It's going to be a good video, and we had a lot of fun putting it together...some pretty good seafood, too. We did a lot of work with silenced guns in keeping with my philosophy of "suppress the world."

I notice that magazines are now regularly appearing in stock on the big Internet retailers and even some local gun stores. I just picked up 10 D&H AR mags (30 rounds! 30 rounds! Oh run! Hide!) and I'm shopping for a mixed lot of pistol magazines and 32 round 9mm mags for my Spike's AR pistol. Interestingly enough, my sources tell me that we're now over 300,000 new standard capacity magazines into Colorado since the state Democrats slurped the vile-tasting Bloomie Kool Aid and I predict we'll easily top one million new standard mags (essentially double) in the state before the 1 July deadline. Whether you own an AR or not, makes sense to pick up 10 standard capacity magazines just in case there's a DD, a DoubleStar, a Stag, a Ruger, a BCM in your future.

BTW, Marko Kloos, of the Munchkin Wrangler blog, has his science fiction novel, Terms Of Enlistment, out on several ebook platforms (Amazon Kindle here)...I just ordered it and am looking forward to it.

Headed to the range tomorrow with the ARs...and standard capacity magazines (30 rounds! 30 rounds! Oh run! Hide!).


DamDoc said...

I went to Cabalas in Scarborough, Maine yesterday (my weekly Saturday sojourn, to my wife's chagrin).. And this is the barest I have ever seen their ammo shelves, and the gun cases which have normally been full have some gaping bare spots. They did have about 8 to 10 P226 18 round mags hanging in their little bags in the mag department (but everything beside them was bare too).. Talking to one of the clerks while I was looking to snag some reloading powered to supplement my horde, the true mission.. (which was a failure) he said that a big truck came in in the am and was unloaded and put on the shelves, and it got cleaned out (350 bricks of 22lr gone in less than an hour, he said).. I am seeing no light at the end of the tunnel up here in the north country, as yet... But I will start to get there when the doors first open! The clerk said that was the best approach; but there is no rhyme or reason as to which day of the week the trucks show up.

Michael Bane said...

Magazines and black rifles will recover first. In January, I predicted the ammo crisis would continue on for 18 months, at which point we would settled into the "new normal," e.g. higher prices.

I've seen nothing yet to challenge that viewpoint. I paid about $16 apiece for the D&H mags and had them in my hands in 3 days. I'm seeing stripped AR lowers at less than $150 MSRP (sometimes a lot less). They're still popping up and disappearing, but they fact that the blistering demand is cooling is a good thing.

The greater problem for ammo is that the demand is not cooling ONE IOTA! As long as the policy of the government of the United States is to hound gun owners, don't expect the demand to drop, either...


Anonymous said...

The way .22 ammo is drying up your next video series is going to be "Training With an Air Rifle"

bgary said...

I've been sad to see so many ads (benos, gunbroker, etc), for "10 new-in-wrapper Magpul magazines, only ___ each"... from Colorado addresses.

Yeah, there's no law against it. But I would have much preferred that those people stayed out of the queue until all the CO people who actually wanted mags to *keep* could get theirs.

Hbar said...

Michael, what type of build is the .22 rifle that is used for the celebrity shooting match. I am interested in building one for my son. Thanks.