Friday, April 17, 2015

Catch Up Catch Up

Have spent the first part of this week doing interviews and stand-ups with Joe for GUN STORIES Season 5. We filmed Joe's stand-ups at the Cody Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center, a great backdrop. A lot of what happens on the set is minor tinkering with the script to make it read better (spoken word is different than written word) or to correct small flaws. It's not hard work, but it is meticulous and time-consuming.

There's a good article over on Gun Nuts Media BY TIM on "The Unthinkable," which is partly an after-action report on a class by Greg Ellifritz from Active Response Training and psychologist William Aprill. Definitely read this one. Aprill's concepts and observations have featured very prominently in our own thinking at THE BEST DEFENSE. We're looking at opening the next season of TBD with a 2-parter on an "Unthinkable" event.

And BTW, tot he gentleman who took me to task for our "mob violence" episode of TBD, explaining that it was "irrational" and "going against logic" to have a mob turn violent so quickly, I refer you to this story from my home town of Memphis. Welcome to the Brave New World...


Sohrob said...

Prophetic timing on that post Michael. Aren't mobs by their nature illogical and irrational? Someone looking for order and logic in a MOB is going to have a bad day. Ask Reginald Denny.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the dynamics of mob mentality: Some mobs actually start out violent, which trumps "becoming violent".

A couple of years ago, in my own small town, a family was on its way to a community event. They took a wrong turn and drove into the "wrong" neighborhood where they were set upon by a small mob of mostly juveniles that pelted their car with rocks. The father got out to see why they were doing this and he was nearly beaten to death.

To the critic, it's "all of the above".

Life Member

Anonymous said...

As a recently retired deputy from Southern California I could entertain your doubter for hours about crowd dynamics and mob violence. Just because your doubter hasn't heard or experienced mob violence doesn't mean that it's a myth.

It's as simple as taking a wrong turn into a strange neighborhood, or being in the wrong place at the wrong time at a rodeo, a street festival, or even a football or baseball game. The common denominator is always alcohol.

I have a friend and fellow cop who lives in Chicago. They have regular mob violence that happens along the Miracle Mile as well as along Michigan Avenue. 500 teens rampaging through the city, assaulting locals and tourists alike. Frightening, eh?

So Mr. Doubter, go ahead and don't your own risk.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 7:05 AM,

I'd offer: "The common denominator is often alcohol." It isn't always associated with violence.

In the case I cited, the common denominator was a violent culture. It was a culture of hate and all of the negative dynamics attached to it. It was a group of individuals that all had this in common when they gathered on that street. Them enter the innocent family from the "hated" side of society. Neither drugs nor alcohol as a root cause were cited there.


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Joe in Memphis said...

As a Memphian who wasn't a mile away when this happened the other day in a part of town considered to be one of the less risky areas…

I'd simply encourage your doubter to watch the video, and explain to us what he considers 'quickly.'