Thursday, April 02, 2015

Peace in Our Time!

Congratulations, President Barack Hussein Obama! You have certainly assured your legacy. In the future you have virtually guaranteed, your name will be an obscenity.

So long mom, I'm off to drop the bomb,
So don't wait up for me,
But while you swelter down there in your shelter
You can watch me. . .On your TV.

While we're attacking frontally, watch Brinkley and Huntley
Describing contrapuntally the cities we have lost.
No need for you to miss a minute of the agonizing holocaust.

Little Johnnie Jones was a US pilot, no shrinking violet was he.
He was mighty proud when world war three was declared
He wasn't scared, no siree.
And this is what he said on his way to Armageddon:

So long, mom, I'm off to drop the bomb, so don't wait up for me,
But though I may roam, I'll come back to my home,
Although it may be a pile of debris.

Remember Mommy, I'm off to get a Commie,
So send me a salami, and try to smile somehow.
I'll look for you when the war is over,
An hour and a half from now.

— Tom Lehrer
 From "That Was the Week That Was" 


Ricco said...

"If Iran cheats the would will know it". BHO

I suspect we will, it will start with a bright flash and........

Mike said...

It wasn't just Obama. Britain, France, and Germany all agreed to this as well. (And no, I don't see Germany swooning over Obama. They made this choice themselves.)

nj larry said...

First look I thought these were the haunted looks of those children from the Fascist concentration camps. God help us. More and more the world events and our demonic leader make me fear that these are the Biblical end times.

Steve the shooter said...

First of all, kudos for the Tom Lehrer lyrics. As for Iran, my concern is not a missile on the way. Hard to do. Now that the sanctions are lifted, it's the container ship in a harbor going boom. No need to make a compact launchable device. And of course bHo will be in Hawaii when it happens.