Monday, April 06, 2015

Monday Monday Work Day

Man, it be a busy, busy week! The NRA Show is coming up this weekend, and I absolutely, positively have to get the script for GUN STORIES finished. My head is about to explode with gun trivia. I find myself walking around the Bunker worrying whether Frank Hamer used a 15 or 20 round custom Remington Model 8 magazine to whack Bonnie and Clyde.

I suppose Steve Hunter will know for sure. He's kinda the great Frank Hamer expert. I've always wished that Steve would do a non-fiction book on Frank Hamer and B&C. Hell, I'd kill to be his coauthor on that one! The Rem had great penetration, thought…

As you all know, I once climbed a barbed wire fence to pose, a la Clyde, in the Official Bonnie And Clyde Death Car when it was in Branson, MO. 

ANYWAY…NRA SHOW…Outdoor Channel/Sportsman Channel booth, #2231 (I think), Saturday 3:30-4:30PM…I'll be signing autographs and generally B-S'ing…


If you stop by, I'll give you the Magic Secret Key Words Decoder Ring Code to get you into MICHAEL (and GUNS, HOLSTERS AND GEAR and IDPA) BUYS THE BEER, where we will have a rollicking good time!

Well, anyway, I note the new Remington .380. I'm a little disappointed that it's not available in colors like my Kahr .380, but there you go. Maybe it's just me. I'll stop by Rem and take a look. Unless the MASSIVE GIANT GRAVITY of the Glock 43 sucks me toward the Glock booth like a black hole sucking on a popsicle.

I'm really interested in the new Kahr Arms Gen 2 line (here's the G&A story).ere are the specs for the Gen 2  pistol:

• shortened trigger stroke allowing for quicker firing rates – 30% shorter than premium model
• integrated trigger safety
• accessory rail for lasers and lights
• front slide serrations on 5” and 6” barrel models
• 6” compensated barrel model
• Leupold® Deltapoint™ Red Dot mount (5” barrel models) with tall target sights
• Leupold® Deltapoint™ Red Dot optic included with 6” barrel models
• TRUGLO® TFX™ Tritium/Fiber-Optic Day/Night sights standard on 3.5” and 4” barrel models
• Safe-Cam striker-fired action
• double recoil spring system for reduced felt recoil
• redesigned magazine base and grip for a sleeker look
• slide machined from the highest quality of stainless steel available for firearms
• serial tag on grip frame
• ergonomic single stack grip frame fits most hand sizes from small to large
• ships with 3 magazines and a lockable, hard, polymer case

I've been alternating between carrying a Ruger SR9c and the Kahr CW9. I'm wondering about a CW9-sized pistol with a red dot as an EDC rig. I'll be talking to Frank Harris from Kahr at NRA.

[NOTE…Kahr has been a sponsor in the past, but is not presently. I hope they will be again.]


Anonymous said...

The CW9 is a great little pistol. The wife bought one for herself and she can pretty much embroider targets with it. I was allowed to shoot it ONCE, loved it and bought another for myself and a bunch of mags.
PS: Wife stole my mags...darn her

Moosejaw said...

Yeah the Rem model 8 Hamer used I believe was .35 Remington. Close range penetration should have been good (don't know how available that caliber was in FMJ the 1930s). Not as good of a penetrator as one of Clydes BARs. Heck the 35 should have died but thanks to Marlin it is still pretty popular...I load 165 gr Speers for my Marlins. I'd love to own a model 8 or 81. Anything designed by Browning is worth owning

Michael Bane said...

My favorite GUN STORIES ironic tidbit on the .35 Remington was that when the Remington Model 8 calibers were introduced, all the advertising made the point that "as electricity replaces stan," the new semiautos who spell the end for "hammer and lever guns." Turns out the cartridge survives ONLY because of the "hammer and lever guns."


Michael Bane said...

"Steam," not "stan." Although, realistically, electricity may well have replaced Stan as well…

mb who can't type

Anonymous said...

Great article on the Model 8 AND the Winchester 07 in 351 (my favorite !).

Moosejaw said...

My favorite model 8 ad. Don't think I would want to encounter a grizz with a .35 Remington

Anonymous said...

I'm just going to leave this here for future reference: