Saturday, April 04, 2015

Great Match Today!

I mean, I shot so slow they had to time me with an hourglass, but, darn, I had a great time. It was a carbine only match put on by my good friend Mark Passamaneck from Carbon Arms. He opened it to rimfire, pistol caliber carbine or whatever. I shot the JP 9mm with a 1.5-4X Leupold and my Sweetie shot the Spike's/JP .22 LR AR with the Pride/Fowler Rapid Reticle 3-9X.

Mark and his family were on our squad, as well as my pal Alan Samuel and a bunch of great shooters. Alan is a great guy to have on a squad…light-hearted, helpful and an amazingly good shooter. My goal was pretty straightforward — hit all the targets.  Considering there were offhand head shots at 40-50 yards, it meant I needed to pay attention. Match wen threat…running the little JP was like running a stapler…I shot the match slow but clean. My Sweetie had a good match as well.

It was great to get out with a the AR and put it thorough its paces. The JP 9mm is a great little gun, and I'll be talking about it on Wednesday!


Jkwas said...

Don't feel bad, they time me with a sundial 😄

Michael Bane said...

You know, we all learn in different ways. I've found me to be one of those guys who is arguably the WORST STUDENT ON EARTH. I start out slow and pretty much stay slow. In terms of the shooting sports, one of the steps along the way is for me to be able to be sure I can deliver the shots necessary, on demand, and in a reasonable time frame. Know that's silly ("Be fast, and your accuracy will catch up"), but I guess I'm old skol about it.