Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Gatling Guns, Antique Air Rifles, Sharps Rifles and an STI Marauder

Of course, I only got to shoot one today! Another grinder of a day on the GUN STORIES script. It's going pretty well now, but it's a solid day in front of the computer, with books and articles stacked around my flimsy "temporary" desk. I did promise my Sweetie that I would break at 5PM and work with her a little bit on her pistol shooting.

Her weak point in 3-Gun is the pistol…she's shot a lot of cowboy, NSSF Rimfire and assorted other stuff, but she's never shot USPSA or IDPA. Her first USPSA match is coming up (while I'm at the NRA, of course), so she wants to be a little more comfortable with her STI Edge 9mm.

As it happens, I have an STI Marauder 9mm in the house for T&E. Which means I can crib my Sweetie's magazines, which are actually my old mags from when I shot an Edge in Limited years back. I didn't really get a lot of time with it today…she was running drills on 2 Action Targets silhouettes. I jumped in when she was loading magazines.

The Marauder has a lightweight slide with a bushing barrel. It's got a rail and a pretty spiffy magwell, which I believe will fit both the IPSC and IDPA box (it would be a wicked ESP gun!). Quick impressions…I now remember just how good STI guns are. Damn, it shoots great! Once again, this is just a first impression, not a flat-out evaluation. Once I get past NRA, Marshal and I will be doing a video report on DRTV. Wish it had a green fiber optic front instead of red, but that's really nit-picking.

Really looking forward to shooting this one more!


Anonymous said...

You can change the glass tubes in FO sights can't you ? Or at least have it done ?
Tom Bogan
Laconia NH

Michael Bane said...

If I decide to keep the STI, I probably can change out the tube. Some are easier than others.


Anonymous said...

Dawson precision has a step by step video on YouTube for replacing fo elements.

Sheran said...

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