Wednesday, April 01, 2015

JP Rifles 9mm Group

I took a quick lunch break to sight in the JP Rifles 9mm carbine, which I am considering using in a carbine-only match of Saturday if it's not snowing sideways and crazy cold, because I'm a wuss.. The group above is my reference group at 50 yards off my bench. The flier on the low left was my first round and I did call it...heck, I'm surprised it wasn't farther out than that!

I'd been shooting it with an Aimpoint, but at the last minute I threw on a Leupold Mark AR 1.5-4 I used at the He-Man heavy metal world championships a couple of years ago...hmmmm...the scope was designed for the 55-gr 5.56; parenthetically, I've never used on a 5.56. Maybe Leupold can cut me knobs for 9mm!

Ammo was Bill Wilson Signature Match 125-gr, the most accurate 9mm ammo I've ever shot. Groups were a spec larger and maybe half-an-inch left with cheapo Federal American Eagle 124-hr FMJ. The Wilson ammo probably won't quite make the 150 power factor minimum for USPSA multi gun matches. I have high hopes for the DoubleTap match carbine ammo Mike McNett is cooking up! It's not like the little gun had any recoil at all.