Friday, April 03, 2015

Money For An Important Cause!

If you're going to be in Nashville for the NRA Meetings and Show, I strongly urge you to check out a really great Friday evening event being hosted by John Lott's Crime Prevention Research Center. It's a dinner and talks with literally a who's who in gun world, including:

• Katie Pavlich
• Dana Loesch
• Glenn Reynolds
• Brad Thor
• Ted Nugent
• Phil Valentine
• Nikki Goeser
• Chris Garland
• John I. Harris
• Andrew Branca
• Mark Walters
• Tim Schmidt
• Tom Gresham
• John Lott
• And me...

Bios from all the people present are here.

The cost for dinner and the talks is $200, and I was happy to make the donation myself. John Lott's work has been instrumental in the pro-gun changes we've seen in America, and I unconditionally support his work. You should, too


Anonymous said...

What? No Sarah Brady? .... oh, is it too early? LOL

tablekiller said...

Can't make it this year to NRA or the Michael buys the beer party. Give us some updates! See everyone next year!

Anonymous said...

See you at the CPRC dinner. As a bonus, will you tell me the secret hidden location of the "Michale buys the beer" at the CPRC dinner? ;-)

Michael Bane said...

I promise!!!!!!!!