Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Force is Weak in That One!

I can't believe it...Marshal Halloway, my partner in DOWN RANGE TV, actually saw a Glock 43 in the wild...and he bought it!

He's still not making much sense, but it appears that as he approached the display case at his local gun store, he felt what has been described as a "pressure" or like a "mental tractor beam pulling at my mind until it screamed." The closer he got to the gun case, the stronger the mental effect.

Artist's rendition of Marshal Halloway's brain at the LGS

According to Marshal, he intended to step to the counter and say, "I'd like to see that Gen Two Single Action Army you guys got in last week." In fact, that's what he thought he said. Instead, witnesses at the gun shop, agreed that what Marshal actually said was, "Must buy Glock 43...must buy Glock 43...sell me Glock 43."

Witnesses also report that the words were spoken in an atonal, almost robotic voice, and the other customers — who were all farther away from the glass case containing the Glock 43 on a cloth-of-gold pedestal and apparently not as affected by the tractor beam — noted a small amount of drool running down Marshal's chin.

According to the gun store owner, Marshal paid approximately 5 pounds of gold coins, 2 handful of pocket change and lint, his truck and a pony for the Glock.

Note bizarre and suggestive placement of "Exploding Heads" cover and Bane CCW Video…coincidence?

This follows report from around the country of people's heads actually exploding upon finding out that Glock 43s were not yet in stock.

Glock has so far had no comment, although unofficial reports of a memo to gun store owners advising their clerks to wear rubber aprons and eye protection when explaining that the G43s were not in stock have not been categorically denied.


Anonymous said...

Someone's not getting invited to Smyrna any time soon.


Michael Bane said...

I think what put me over the top was when I reported at the NRA that Vladimir Putin had announced he was willing to leave the Ukraine and return the Crimea if the U.S would only overnight him a G43. Or maybe the Thanksgiving Day parade, with all the floats int he shape of a G43…


Tim Covington said...

Glocks can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.

Gary said...

Given their limited availability at this time, are you sure it was indeed a G43 and not a G42 that he just wished was a 43????

Anonymous said...

I saw one at a gun show in little Kerrville Texas this past week-end. $575 though, so I guess I'll wait.
I still prefer the feel of the G42, maybe I'll just buy some .380acp +P ?

nj larry said...

MB...as a music critic you should be aware that if you play what Marshall was saying BACKWARDS, it comes out "John Moses is dead...John Moses is dead"

Marshal Halloway said...

I think Glock has an agreement with the holster makers for all Glock 43 holsters where they are inserting some kind of mind altering device in them. I got a holster from Blade-Tech for the '43 and when I clipped it to my belt, I felt dizzy all of a sudden. Next I remember is walking out of D&M Gun Sales with a Glock 43 in the holster.

JohninMd.(HELP?!??) said...

Ohhh, the huMANATEE!!

Anonymous said...

Sig 220-in-10mm; Sig 220-in-10mm; Sig 220-in-10mm........; droooollling now,.....; all stainless steel; Sig 220-in-10mm...

Glock? Huh? Whaaaaat? 43? No! I'm, I'm, I'm sooo confused.

Life Member

Unknown said...

I'm passing on the 43, so theres one extra for you guys

Unknown said...

Glocks are schlocks made for schmucks.

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