Monday, April 04, 2005

Bill Clinton's Enduring Legacy

I have to say that up until this morning, I would have been hard-pressed to find anything from Bubba Clinton's Presidency that could be considered "enduring." This report from the AP, however, has opened my eyes:
Teens say oral sex not really sex

CHICAGO - About one in five ninth-graders report having had oral sex and almost one-third say they intend to try it during the next six months, a small study of teens at two California schools reports.

The teenagers, whose average age was 14½, also say oral sex is less risky, more common and more acceptable for their age group than intercourse.
I'm thinking maybe a special wing at the Clinton Presidential Library doublewide in Arkansas; I'm sure they can get perrennial Democratic supporter Larry Flynt to pop for the whole thing, including the beautiful dioramas and the museum-quality "BJ Learning Tree."

Now there's a legacy people would pay to see! At least, on HBO.