Monday, April 04, 2005

Tennessee Homie Blasts Leftover Clinton

The Times of London has discovered what American media outlets have been studiously ignoring since W burst John Kerry's whoopie cushion last November — not every Democrat in American thinks the coming ordination of Hillary Clinton is such a neat thing:
THE first signs of a Democratic revolt against Senator Hillary Clinton’s much-anticipated march on the White House are emerging in the American South, where one of the party’s most successful state governors called last week for Democrats to consider other candidates.

In a calculated snub of Clinton’s accelerating bandwagon, Governor Philip Bredesen of Tennessee warned that voters were “kind of dissatisfied” with the Democrats’ current presidential contenders and that Clinton would face an “uphill road” to win the White House.
He mocked other Democratic candidates who think connecting with middle America means quoting a few verses from the Bible or being photographed with guns.

Bredesen is a lifelong clay pigeon crackshot, and everyone in Tennessee knows that his attachment to guns is real.
The Democrats’ problem, Bredesen believes, has little to do with bullets or the Bible. “The point I’m trying to make is that you’ve got to stand up for some clear things,” he said. He is tired of listening to members of his party attempting to appeal to both pro-gun and anti-gun voters: “When you do that, you’re left with nothing.”
Hard to believe that Bredesen and Al "Where's My Checkered Wool Shirt, Honey?" Gore claim the same state as home! Well, not that hard to believe, as I also claim that state as home and we were warned about "carpetbaggers" as soon as we were able to walk.

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