Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Grab That Hammer!

Okay, here's how you can make your hand feel like my hand, which spent far too much of the day shooting 420-grain, 1400-feet-per-second loads from a .500 Linebaugh revolver:
• Place your strong hand flat on a table.
• Grasp a hammer in your weak hand.
• Repeatedly smash the hammer into the web of your strong hand.
• Groan in pain.
It was fun, but DAMN, that sucker recoils! Of course, the "dueling tree" contest between me and Barry Wardlaw of Accurate Engineering (he built Jay Leno's V-twin Panhead ) using 3-inch .45 Colt custom Rugers stoked with 320-grain screamers didn't help. Thankfully, it got too dark to shoot anymore, but Barry says we can start again tomorrow morning.

Larry Crow is a brilliant gunsmith, but he's got way too much ammunition and way too many cool guns lying around!

I gotta go put a Ben-Gay patch on the web of my hand...nite nite.

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