Monday, April 11, 2005

A Suspected Must-Read

You jusy new I couldn't pass up any book titled South Park Conservatives.

It's on the way; I'll report in when I read it!

"It's not just the hippies! The next thing you know, you've got know-it-all college hippies from Boulder!"

— Eric Cartman

BTW, I'm apparently never going to get home. I presently stuck in Seattle (I was temped to say "Sleepless in..." but, thank god, was able to hold myself back. Why, one might reasonably ask, am I doing in Seattle, farther from Denver than when I started this morning? Ah, a Zen conundrum! I suspect I am being punished for past sins. What else would explain the two cavity searches, one at Ontario and the other at Orange County, where I was shipped when my 6AM flite from Ontario got the axe?

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