Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Veldt

After my post on double rifles and flashbacks to the great African writers, i got an email from my friend Dwight Van Brunt, commandante of Kimber, who said that he was going to rock my world. He made me promise that when I got his package, I'd stop whatever I was doing and open it.

Today I got a UPS package with a single DVD in it. I'd been in the basement installing a new set of security bars, so I was ready for a break. I stuffed the DVD in my Mac, fiddled with it and finally got it launched.

What Dwight had sent me was a time machine, a film of a safari with legendary white hunter Harry Selby, shot and narrated by the great Robert Ruark in the heyday of the game, the early 1950s.

What can I say? It's Africa as it was in Horn of the Hunter or Something of Value, the safari we all dreamed of taking. It was the past, as distilled and pure as a flask of Talisker.

Thank you, brother.