Saturday, April 16, 2005

Run Hillary Run...

But first, a joke from T. Bubba Bechtol, the super-sized comedian at tonight's NRA banquet. "The bumper sticker 'Run Hillary Run' is selling like hotcakes, because it's selling to both Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats put it on the back of their cars; the Republicans put it on the front of their cars!"

Okay, first, you're probably gonna buy one of the semiauto FNH P90 5.7 X 28 carbines, not because it's necessarily a great gun, but because it is stone-cold cool. The semi version of the little Secret Service buzz gun may be the best car gun on earth. Loved it, even though it's coming with a 30-round magazine instead of the military 50-round stick. Shooting it's like eating only stop when the corn stops popping. BTW, FNH now has a deal with Fiocchi to produce 5.7 ammo. There's the clone of the SS-192 "practice" round, plus two rounds utilizing the Hornady 40-grain V-Max bullet. The prices should start coming down pretty soon.

Sidearmor is producing a really trick holster for the Five-seveN pistol, now accepted under the stringent California standards on penetration of body armor (suck this, Brady!). I like my Blade-Tech OD Green vertical belt holster, too.

REALLY nice semi-auto version of the FNH bullpup battle rifle in .223. Much less felt recoil than AR system guns at 26 inches and utilizing AR mags. This sucker rocked. At a $1600 price point, it ain't cheap, but I think I could take this through a subgun course as fast as I could an MP-5.

More tomorrow on the new FNH entry into the police gun sweepstakes.

Kimber has a desert brown Warrior, which is pretty cool. I asked about a tasteful sky-blue Kimber and was told that I wasn't the first to ask. about red and black tiger stripes!!!

Hank Williams Jr. — who autobiography and movie I once wrote — made fun of me for leaning into 9mm subguns. "Have you forgotten how to shoot since we used to shoot together?" I told him it was old age, and he should see me with a .577 Nitro Express.

I also got to meet Denise & Bill from The Ten Ring gunblog when they stopped by The Outdoor Channel booth at the NRA show. Nice people! It's great to have solid people on Our Side!

Gonna spend tomorrow AM with Bob Morrison from Taurus.


Anonymous said...

Please please please show us pictures of that P90 Semi-Carbine!!!

Michael Bane said...

Well, the suckers look just like this (,14632,Soldiertech_PDW,,00.html) with about six more inches of barrel sticking out. There is a rail system that can replace the integral front sight (which would be my choice with either a C-More or Aimpoint). The civilian version will come with a black reticle in the internal sight rather than the current white-and-damn-near-invisible one, and the 30 round mags will be welded so they will not take the 50-round military internals. The civilian P90's fire contro group is riveted together to prevent modification, and the full-auto P90 fire control system will not fit in the semi gun. BTW, DeMilt told us that the few of us who bother to show up at the FNH demo (what the heck is wrong with most gunwriters, anyway?) had first dibs on the T&E P90s. Yippie-ky-aye...