Friday, April 29, 2005

Whipped Puppy!

Sorry to be out of touch, but we've had a couple of long long LONG shooting days...good, but long. Today was hysterical — we spent the day with Riders In The Sky, who pretty much kept us in stitches. Crank up the TIVO...this is an episode of COWBOYS you're not going to want to miss, if for no other reason that laughter is good for the soul.

The new End of Trail venue in New Mexico is just heartbreakingly beautiful...maybe they'll let me move in.

In gun news, I scammed myself onto the list for one of the first 25 of the "new" 1897 Winchester shotguns coming in from China. These are honestly top-of-the-line guns, as good (or maybe better) than the ones that rolled off the Winchester lines in 1900. Cap from Coyote Cap Gunsmithing did the consulting on the Chinese product, and he was relentless. There's something fundamentally strange — or exhilarating — about the whole idea of multiple factories in China competing over which one can make the best 19th Century American shotgun. The combination of competition and guns is the equivalent of uploading a virus into the alien mothership...sooner or later we know where this leads!

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