Friday, August 19, 2005

"America Lite" Whines Again...

And speaking of punk-ass bangers (with mashed), we've been following the story of America Lite's...sorry, that's Canada's continued whining about American gun laws. John Lott sums it up in today's NRO:
If you have a problem, it's often easier to blame someone else rather than deal with it. And with Canada's murder rate rising 12 percent last year and a recent rash of murders by gangs in Toronto and other cities, it's understandable that Canadian politicians want a scapegoat. That at least was the strategy Canada's premiers took when they met last Thursday with the new U.S. ambassador to Canada, David Wilkins, and spent much of their time blaming their crime problems on guns smuggled in from the United States.
The dweebs in Toronto have been floating an idea to ban people keeping guns in their home, lest miscreants sneak in and steal them. They wring their hands that it's all our fault, because, like, we have guns. Here's what Mr. Lott has to say about that:
With Canada's reported violent-crime rate of 963 per 100,000 in 2003, a rate about twice the U.S.'s (which is 475), Canada's politicians are understandably nervous.
Canada needs to grow up. Most of its citizens are pretty good folk (especially in the western provinces, who are on the verge of revolt over the nation's idiotic gun registry plan), but the government is made up of a bunch of pathetic simpering weasels who can't understand that they're nothing but a second-string hockey team with crappy beer, too many languages and about a billion officious twits issuing rules based on the daily state of their irritable bowel syndrome. If eastern Canada keeps up its whining, I say bitch-slap the mayor of Toronto, annex the eastern provinces and give 'em to the Kurds, cleverly solving two problems at once. Put your burka on, Mr. Mayor!

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