Monday, August 29, 2005

Interesting AM News...

...while we're waiting to see whether New Orleans is washed away, here's a collection of interesting Monday morning reading. The first is an editorial from the Edmonton, Canada, SUN, responding to the whimpering nits in Toronto:
When we first read the headline in last Thursday's Sun - "Feds taking aim at gun violence" - we thought that there must have been some mistake.

Gun violence? What gun violence? We have a very expensive national gun registry that was put into place to ensure that every firearm in Canada can be tracked. We have cumbersome regulations in place that make it more difficult for Canadians to buy guns. We have armies of bureaucrats shuffling paper to and fro to make sure that everything related to guns in this country is all very above-board and law-abiding.

So there can't possibly be any gun violence in Canada!
There you have it! Read the whole thing, then ponder whether we should invade eastern Canada and attempt to establish a democracy there.

Our second great read is a voice of reason from our own "Toronto Red Zone," San Francisco, home of some of the best food and dimmest political minds in America. As you remember, the City by the Bay's government leaders — Spot, Fido, Rover...whoops...those are dogs, who are a lot smarter than San Fran political leaders! — want a referendum on banning handguns in the next election. What a good idea! It's worked so sell everywhere else!

Read this morning's editorial from the San Fran Chronicle on the "nanny state, then this old editorial I referenced earlier this year, but I liked it so much I decided to relink it...from SF Gate:
According to the proposed ban, gun owners will be given 90 days to relinquish their handguns at any police department or sheriff's department station. Do the supervisors really imagine that gun owners will just start pouring into local law-enforcement offices and surrendering their handguns? And if they don't comply, how will the law be enforced exactly? Will the City send patrols out to roam the streets, collecting guns from an unwilling populace? (Past National Rifle Association President Charlton Heston's famous quote, "From my cold, dead hands," comes to mind). Does the famously liberal leadership of San Francisco really want to place itself in the position of breaking down doors and forcibly disarming law-abiding citizens?
Maybe after we invade eastern Canada, we can send Special Forces groups into San Fran...

Finally, an aside...I have many many friends in and around the New Orleans and south Mississippi and Alabama area...people I've shot with, fans of the show, good friends in law enforcement. My thoughts, as are the thoughts of all Americans, are with them today as they face, "that high black water...the Devil's daughter" of Hurricane Katrina. I know my friends, and I know they — law enforcement and civilian alike — will not hesitate to put themselves in harm's way to help other people. Be careful out there. Let's make sure we'll all being sharing chicory coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde again very soon!

That high black water, she's the Devil's daughter
She's hard and she's cold and she's mean
Nobody’s taught her that it takes a lot of water to wash away New Orleans

— Leon Everette

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Anonymous said...

"Does the famously liberal leadership of San Francisco really want to place itself in the position of breaking down doors and forcibly disarming law-abiding citizens?"

There's the rub.
They won't be "law abiding citizens."

Kalifornia officials have no problem taking your average never been arrested, never committed a crime, follow all the rules type of person, and with the stroke of a pen, make them an instant felon.
They've done it before and I'm sure will do it again without losing sleep over it.
We need a "Nuke DiFi for Jesus" campaign.