Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Short Bulletin from the IPSC World Shoot... Equador. This from revolver ace, gunsmith and regular blog commentator Patrick Sweeney:

I'm on the laptop, in Guayaquil, without my address book.

We're having a blast, and if anyone questions the wisdom of a long sight radius, one trip through a match like this would convince them. I think I've had two stages so far that weren't trick stages. Today, for our last (and big) stage, we finally had a chance to shoot targets where we didn't have to slide shots past a no-shoot or three. And of the 16 targets on the course, only 6 were what a US shooter would consider at "normal" distances. the rest? From 20 to 35 yards out.

Add in the smaller A zone, and you need all you can get to hack it here.
Hang in there, Patrick! And make sure Lisa Farrell kicks butt!


Anonymous said...

Lisa ROCKS! Saw her on the cover of Women & Guns. She's too cool with her big ole wheel gun.

Michael Bane said...

Lisa frightens me, she's so organized.

After her appearance in THE BLUE PRESS, i told her she should make up "Lisa Farrell trading cards." Her response? She threatened to shoot me.


Anonymous said...

A woman not afraid to give Michael Bane crap? OK, I am officially in love with Lisa Farrell. Lisa, if you are out there, please marry me.