Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Yeah, I know COMBAT HANDGUNS is the magazine you've got to sneak out of the grocery store stuck inside a Weekly World News special edition on Nostradamus' predictions about Brad Pitt's liklihood of contracting something fatal from Angelina Jolie in Africa.

Still, I just picked up the November 2005 issue, and it actually has two MUST-READ stories in it, which is roughly 500% more than in the last edition of AMERICAN HANDGUMMER (I'm excepting John Taffin's column, which is always worth reading regardless of where it's published).

Get CH and immediately read:

1) Ralph Mroz' STREET SMARTS column.

2) Walt Rauch's GUNFIGHTING, GUNS, GEAR column.

This is what happens when intelligent, thoughtful, experienced people write columns about self-defense and guns!

Good stuff! Stop what you're doing and go buy a copy now. Be sure to get that special edition WWN on Brad and Angelina, too...if any of those African bugs get loose in America, it's game over, dude!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the praise.

Ralph is very much an unsung authority on the subject.

Walt Rauch