Monday, August 22, 2005

Among the Gifted Riflemen... Wyoming last weekend, for the International Tactical Rifle Championships. As always, a super, television-friendly match. If you think you can shoot a rifle, this is the place for you!

I'm also interested in Dave Lauck's redesigned AR "extreme duty" magazines...of course, so are many elements of the U.S. military.

ITRC is a good time to talk to some of the guys just back from Iraq on what's really going on. One interesting tidbit is that our shooters can tell which country the insurgents come from by their tactics...

We did a great segment with John Paul of JP Enterprises and Bennie Cooley, one of the greatest three-gun/rifle shooters ever and an excellent trainer in his own right. John tells me his J-Sight, a small red dot sight that sits on top if a scope or optical sight like the military ACOG, has become to hot ticket in Iraq, with the Marines all over it. Watch for a SHOOTING GALLERY episode with Bennie!

In other gun stuff, ace revolvermeister Randy Lee is trying to get S&W to produce a limited run of competition-only 6.5-inch 625 .45 ACP revolvers with titanium cylinders and other enhancements. I'm on board for one if he can pull the strings (and I'll call to see if I can help it along), but you can keep up with the project over at Brian Enos' forum.

Randy is one of the best of the new generation of gunsmiths. I met him through the lovely and ascerbic Lisa Farrell, occasional Dillon gun girl and multi-time world champion revolver shooter (good luck on getting back from Equador, Lisa!). He specializes in S&W revolvers, and you'd have to shoot one of his guns to believe the job he can do on the triggers. He's got two of my guns int he works, including the Ugliest Gun in the World, my vintage 1917/1950 Traget .45 ACP competition gun. Better get him started on your stuff before the rest of the world discovers him...reach Randy at Apex Tactical and tell him I sent you!

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