Friday, August 26, 2005

Michael Being Pissy...

After my posting on Tom Threepersons-style holsters the other day, it jogged my memory that I had been meaning to order a couple of El Paso Saddlery holsters for my Rugers. I called yesterday afternoon to order three holsters; two hours later I received a box from a different holster manufacturers guess it!

So I emailed El Paso to see if I could change my hours-old order from three holsters to one holster.

El Paso tells me "no can do." They charged my credit card within seconds, even though they can't even quote a specific delivery date ("six to 10 weeks") on the holsters! bad...should have asked more questions. Whine whine...I can always use more holsters, I guess. They offered me store credit, but I can't say I'm thrilled at doing anymore business with 'em on general principle. Maybe I'm just pissy today.

I stand by the Tom Threepersons as one of the finest field holsters ever made. If you'd still like to obtain one, here are some alternative sources:

San Pedro Saddlery makes a beautiful Tom Threepersons rig, in addition to some spectacular cowboy leather. Look under their "Custom" listing.

Kirkpatrick Leather makes a really nice update of the Threepersons holster in their "Sixgunner." I use Kirkpatrick Leather for cowboy shooting, and it's hard to beat. Mike Kirpatrick will probably make you anything you want, for that matter, and it will be perfect!

• There's always the Bianchi 1L "Lawman" single action holster, which was, I believe John Bianchi's first commercial success way back when. If you don't want it from Bianchi, you can get a similar Threepersons/Bianchi-designed rig from Western Gun Holsters.

• The Ted Blocker Model 19 field holster is a fine choice for SA carry, and you can see its Threepersons roots. I also love their Wild Bunch 1911 holsters! (Bell Charter Oaks does at Threepersons design for the 1911 as well, call the G-Man).

Black Hills' Old Timer also shows its heritage! I've never used anything from Black Hills, but I have friends I trust who swear by their products.

• Finally, Dennis Yoder makes a beautiful western field holster, The Ter, which will probably be my next SA holster!


Anonymous said...

Mike @ Kirkpatrick is an all-around good guy. It's a family business and it really seems he cares about gaining your business when you talk to him. They make great stuff too. Don't they make the Tequila Rig for 'the God of Cowboy Action' Richard 'Tequila' Young? That is his rig right?

Anonymous said...

They can't credit your card back? While a pain in the butt, isn't that a common practice? THEY DO KNOW DON'T THEY THAT YOU HAVE THIS TV SHOW THING? I'd be careful making you 'pissy' if you were going to possibly use my gear on your show or keep me off you show. Hope they read your blog.

Michael Bane said...

Yes, they make the Tequila rig for Mr. God of COWBOYS HIMSELF!!

They also make a really nifty Lady Tequila rig.

Plus Mike (and his brother Jason) are just all around good people to deal with.

You have a choice where to spend your money! Spend it with the good people!!!


Anonymous said...

Now that's an endorsement. If it is recommended by the Shooting Gallery host it must be good stuff. I reaaly enjoy your show and the guns and equipment you feature. It seems like you showcase more than just sponsor's stuff (like some shows do). I'll be checking out Kirkpatrick. THanks for the recommendation.

Michael Bane said...

When we started SHOOTING GALLERY, I told my sponsors — whom I love like brothers!!! — that I would feature products I thought were good and interesting, whether they advertised or not.

I always hated tuning into a gun or hunting show and hear the host plug a product I knew sucked, then I'd see the big ad at the end of the show.

I try not to "pull rank." Ironically, I'd gone to El Paso Saddlery because I thought maybe I should feature some of their product on the air. You see how that turned out!

OTOH, I just ordered my second holster from Rusty Sherrick (, a hi-ride belt holster for my 1917 S&W "Fitz Special" 2 1/2 inch boomer. I'm probably also going to order a pancake holster from Simply Rugged holsters ( in Alaska because I've heard so much good about them.

When I need a "production" holster, I typically get it from Galco (

It's hard to beat Kirkpatrick for the cowboy stuff, though. He's got a huge line, and he knows how this stuff gets used.

I've actually been talking to Mike Kirkpatrick about letting me and Walt Rauch do some consulting on his concealment line. I'd also like to see him do a "vintage" field holster for large frame DA revolvers like the S&W N-Frame, maybe a modified Threepersons design.

Michael B

Anonymous said...

A Rauch holster? I'd buy that. Why doesn't Mr. Rauch do more of that? Everybody else has their name on something and most of them don't have his experience. A Rauch holster makes sense.

Michael Bane said...

I think Walt has gone to great lengths NOT to take advantage of his readers.

I agree with you, though. He has this great reservoir of knowledge I'd like to see translated into some useful products!


Anonymous said...

Before Mr. Rauch had readers he had experience - which not too many people have. Everybody else makes money consulting and putting their name on things. If it is good gear then there ain;t nothing wrong with promoting it, selling it and making some money. My job pays me money and I kinda like that so I don't have an issue with others making money. Of course, if he does a gold-inlay logo gun and over charges it by $200 then I might have an issue.

Anonymous said...

I, too, have been burned by El Paso Saddlery. It took 23 phone calls, 47 emails, 16 weeks, and huge amounts of bad press on my blog and every forum I could find to join, for me to finally get my rig.

Oh, the quality is great. Customer service sucks! They take your money, refuse to give firm dates, and lie when you ask questions. (I personally caught them in several.)

Avoid El Paso. It's a shame, but for your own good.

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