Thursday, August 18, 2005

Signs That There Is NO INTELLIGENT LIFE Across the Pond...

As crime and terrorism fears soar, our pluckly Brit brethern continue the fight! From the Guardian:
Relatives of people killed or injured by acts of gun crime clashed with sporting enthusiasts yesterday over the government's plans to restrict the manufacture and sale of imitation and replica firearms.
Members of the Gun Control Network (GCN), many of whom have personal experience of tragedies caused by the use of illegal weapons, hit out at an international campaign being run by devotees of paintball and the similar but more militaristic airsoft shooting events. Militaristic airsoft shooting events?
Oh my! It's enough to make my scone go soft! Come to think of it, maybe the British Bobbies should get airsoft guns...

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Anonymous said...

There is intelligent life here in the UK. Unfortunately we are outnumbered by the government idiots who think that banning all firearms will stop criminals from getting them.
Is a criminal really going to think " I want to rob a bank, but it is illegal to have a gun, so I'll use something else to threaten them with" ???!!
Of course not.
If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns, because they will still get them illegally just like they always have done. Only the legitimate shooters will be punished.