Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Valhalla, Detonics & Walt Rauch

Just as a little teaser, I reconnected yesterday with Jerry Ahern, president of the new Detonics, novelist, holster-maker and general all around gun guy. Jerry's also written extensively on concealed carry (I referenced his book, CCW: Carrying Concealed Weapons, in my Trail Safe book).

Right after I talked to Jerry, I talked to Walt Rauch, who had a great idea for a SHOOTING GALLERY — me, Walt and Jerry go to the Valhalla training facility and work with Valhalla chief instructor and rising star Rob Pincus on advanced concealed carry scenarios, utilizing all of Valhalla's computerized trickery.

Rob says, "Cool," so I'll see if we can't get a date set up for later this year and make the episode the closer for SG Season 5. I'll bet we can make this a show you'll want to record and keep!


Patrick Sweeney said...

I find it difficult to express my level of jealousy at this moment. Given time, I'll think of something. As further insult, my cable provider still won't carry your show. I have to depend on a black market source.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of record and keep, are you any closer to offering SG episodes for sale on recorded media? (DVD is my preference). Like Patrick, I don't have access to SG on cable and Canadian-content broadcast rules make it unlikely I ever will.