Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Spam Crap!

Sorry about all the happy horse-crap spam in the Comments!

I've turned on the WORD VERIFICATION function for commenting, which means that when you comment, you have to type copy a word from the screen into a box to prove you're not one of those damn spam engines!

Okay, here a picture of the girls, Bishop (the red one looking at me upside down, which is macaw flirting,) and the hopelessly neurotic Cleo, wondering if I was going to give her a cookie. Actually, I'm testing the new image upload feature of Blogger. If you're looking at this and there's nothing there, red, blue or otherwise, it didn't work!


Michael Bane said...

Check it out...hopefully, I'll be spam-free from now on...unless somebody like Sweeney actually tries to get me to start a "home-based business!!"


Anonymous said...

Cool birds.