Friday, December 16, 2005

Chronicles of Narnia

Went to see Chronicles tonight...okay, it's not LOTR, but it's pretty good. I will say that Tilda Swinton as the White Witch (above) was SCREAMING HOT. I believe one of the reviews referred to her as "the ultimate fascist Ayran goddess Goth." I'll buy that. If you must be sacrificed, hey, she's the E-ticket ride.

I was surprised that the Christian imagry was not particularly overpowering. In fact, my Sweetie completely missed it. "So the lion's a Christ figure?" she asked. "Seriously?" The lion's also one heck of a piece of CGI, too.

All in all, a fun experience. But I'm hang on until January 6 for BloodRayne.


Anonymous said...

Was it just me thinking this is what the Hillary presidency might be like?

Patrick Sweeney said...

Hillary in her wildest, most fevered fantasies, only wishes she looked as good as Tilda Swinton. Or dress as well.