Sunday, December 25, 2005


Merry Christmas day, y'all!

Here at the Chez Bane Redoubt, we luckily don't have a lot going on — several friends coming over for desert, but Christmas dinner is just me and my Sweetie. We're making lobster tails and herbed rice. The mortgage on the lobster tails should be paid off by June!

Lest you think I'm not paying attention, take a pause from the festivities to read what the Washington Post op-ed writer has to say about gun control:
Wouldn't it make more sense to define the ultimate battle as one for a national ban on handguns -- the sole gun-control measure that promises to save tens of thousands of lives? With an endgame that can actually achieve the ultimate goal, perhaps we'd acquire the logical and moral authority to win more of the smaller battles.
They may not think very well, but, like rust, our enemies never sleep.

Meanwhile, it's back to my Amaretto chocolate mousse, which is every bit as good as it sounds!


Anonymous said...

"With an endgame that can actually achieve the ultimate goal"

Once again the leopard shows its spots.
(No offense to leopards using a noble creature as an analogy to spineless retards with the character of pond scum.)

I'm sure the Brady bunch and their ilk are very pleased to have their undies pulled down in public and the skidmarks of confiscation shown right in front of God and everybody.
They ain't going away....EVER.

We however, can be dealt with by the stroke of a pen.
Scare enough soccer moms for long enough and our 2A rights will fly out the window with all the rest we have lost.


Unknown said...

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