Monday, December 12, 2005

Liberals & Image

I missed this when it came out from Josh over at South Park Pundit. It is, however, an excellent analysis of some of the issues we face as part of any gun outreach program:
The conclusion that I came to is that image matters to the liberals and gun grabbers. It isn't the content - it's the image. Hence the AWB "Scary Looking Weapons Ban" that sunset last year. Hence the .50 ban in CA. Hence half of the "feel good" legislation these idiots keep trying to shove down our necks. And they do it because they're scared of that which they don't know and that which they see as the norm.

By keeping crazy out of sight - and out of mind, hopefully - the image of guns and gunnies can be changed. I do have a good feeling about that. When I "came out" as a shooter in that classroom, no one was shocked or offended. I don't present that image - I'm not a thug or a gangsta or some neo nazi. I look like one of them, but I shoot guns for fun. I present the type of image that they can relate with better than the stereotypical

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