Saturday, December 17, 2005

Leopards & Spots...

This story in one form or another has run everywhere over the last year. Here's the latest iteration from the Boston Globe:
Democrats recast gun control image
Party eyes inroads in the West

WASHINGTON -- The Democratic Party, long identified with gun control, is rethinking its approach to the gun debate, seeking to improve the chances of its candidates in Western states where hunters have been wary of casting votes for a party with a national reputation of being against guns.
''On gun rights, we've allowed the Republicans to paint us in a way that just doesn't represent our values," said Damien LaVera, a Dean spokesman, noting that Republicans have repeatedly portrayed Democrats as hostile to the Western way of life.

''It's all about not letting the Republicans define our values," LaVera said.
Yeah, right. I have said before that there are times I wish I had a local pro-gun Democrat to vote for, since too much of the Republican platform is as nutty and utterly vacuous as a Boulder City Council meeting. However, nationally, you've got to be kidding...anyone with one eye and a half a grain of sense knows the national Democratic Party is owned lock, stock and barrel (is that enough cliches in a single sentence?) by the various Moonbat interests. If Nancy Pelosi voluntarily moves to Iran, her spiritual home; Howard Dean launches himself into space, where he apparently lives anyway; Al Gore and Jimmy Carter move to Guatamala and become subsistance hemp farmers, Teddy "A ROUND FOR THE HOUSE!" Kennedy turns himself over to a Crimes Against Humanity tribunal for trial and subsequent execution; MoveOn, Inc. names Ann Coulter it's CEO, Bubba Clinton signs into the Betty Ford Clinic for Sexual Abusers without pinching a nurse on the butt on the way in, Hillary apologizes for lying and tells a screaming crowd of supporters what she really believes in, and Michael Moore surrenders himself to the Japanese to be rendered into whale oil, I might think the Democratic Party had truly reformed.

Until then, leopards, spots, etc.

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