Monday, December 19, 2005

Major Roger Sherman AF Athlete of the Year

Of course, you saw him first on SHOOTING GALLERY, competing in the USPSA Area 6 Championships (which was rerun last week, as a matter of fact!). This from the Air Force Services Agency:
Maj. Roger Sherman, a special assistant to the commander of U.S. Strategic Command at Offutt Air Force Base, Neb., is the 2005 Male Athlete of the Year. He is a member of the Air Force Action Pistol Team, which is comprised of some of the Air Force’s top shooters. They compete internationally in the sport of practical pistol shooting.
It’s great to be recognized for something you’ve worked so hard for,” Major Sherman said. “I was overwhelmed with gratitude to my wife and son for all the sacrifices they made, allowing me to work toward my goals. I couldn’t have done it without their love and support.”
Roger shoots for SIGARMS, BTW.



Patrick Sweeney said...

Yes, congrats to Roger, who owes me an introduciton to Lt. Col Samantha Carter for all the great photos I've taken of him the last few years.

And the irony, that the NSSF, who have nothing to say about competition shooting, was the group to send me an e-mail trumpeting his accomplishment.

Michael Bane said...

That's only because certaiin regular commenters on the ole bloggerooney twisted their tail!


Roger Sherman said...

Thanks for the kind words and for working so hard to make me look good. Just ask my wife how hard that is to do. And, Yes Patrick, I'm still working on your intro. If I get stationed back in Colorado Springs next summer, I'm sure I will be in a much better position to get you two together, so to speak.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!