Monday, December 26, 2005


Hi all;

Today marks the beginning of Season 5 for SHOOTING GALLERY and Season 3 for COWBOYS, and I wanted you all to have the season line-ups.

AS ALWAYS, THANK YOU ALL FOR WATCHING! Your viewership makes everything we do possible.

We’ve made some production changes for this season that should result in some of the most spectacular photography we’ve ever done. As you know, we film all in high definition, using the same movie cameras Hollywood uses for such movies as COLLATERAL. In fact, we were recently featured in both a professional video magazine and an online professional video list as “textbook examples” of how hi-def could be used in the field.

This year, COWBOYS swept the NSSF “Best Commercial Television Show of 2005” awards, as well as the SASS Woolly Award for best cowboy television show of 2005. We’re anxiously awaiting the results of the 2005 Telly Awards, essentially cable Emmys.

Maybe more importantly, The Outdoor Channel has continued to put its money where its mouth is.

In 2005, we continued our support as a sponsor for the prestigious Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships, and just to keep things interesting, we put up an additional $10,000 check (quickly matched by SIGARMS) to any shooter who could break 72 SECONDS for their overall score. Well, three shooters came within a hairsbreadth of winning the money, so for 2006 we’ve decided to DOUBLE THE BUCKS, $20,000, plus whatever other companies contribute.

We’re also actively moving forward on the SHOOTING GALLERY Challenge, scheduled for February, where seven top shooters face their toughest challenge ever…the real top shooters…not the “resume racers!” Watch for updates here on the blog and on Brian Enos' thoughtful forum of competition shooting,

We’re also working with our pals at Ruger to create a .22 rimfire two-gun competition based on practical courses that’s going to provide both a great entry into competition and tremendous fun for veteran competitors — I'm definitely looking forward to competing in it!!!

All times Eastern.

Monday 4:30PM
Wednesday 3:00AM (there’s a winner!)
Friday 8:00PM

Wednesday 7:00AM
Friday 4:30PM
Sunday 12:00PM

Shooting Gallery Season 5 Lineup
# Episode Title/Synopsis Airs week of
053 Search for the Top Cops/5.11 Challenge
The 5.11 Challenge which pits two man teams from around the world in a series of shooting competitions has becomc the premier police shooting match. We visit the finals, along the Big Horn River in Montana. 12/26/05
054 IBPO 3 Gun (International Brotherhood of Police Officers.)
The International Brotherhood of Police Officers 3 Gun challenge provides the duty officer with a dynamic testing ground for their shooting skills. 01/02/06
055 Point Shooting
Master instructor Michael Janich, sheds light on the lost art of point-shooting as taught by the late Rex Applegate. 01/09/06
056 Birth of a New Machine
New military and police requirements have opened the floodgates for firearms innovation. Here’s our first exclusive report on Smith & Wesson’s groundbreaking M&P. 01/16/06
057 The Testing Ground (ITRC2)
Synopsis: The International Tactical Rifle Championships in Gillette, WY, is one of the toughest tests of men and their firearms. Two-man teams face targets from zero to 1000 yards. 01/23/06
058 Mastering the Production Gun
Having trouble with that out-of-the-box semiauto? Let David Olhasso, one of the top Production Gun shooters int he world, help you out! 01/30/06
059 Zen of the 22
Synopsis: The lowly .22 is the secret to becoming a better shooter — you can shoot more, have more fun and NOT break the bank! Not only that, but they're available in designer colors... 02/06/06
060 The Tommy Gun rises again
The venerable Thompson had fallen on hard times until the company was purchased by Kahr Arms. Now the Thompson’s ready for the 21st Century — and you can own one! 02/13/06
061 Steel Challenge #1 — The Iron Sight Challenge
Day One of our exclusive coverage of the Steel Challenge, the Superbowl of the shooting sports, focuses on Limited guns, guns with iron sights. 02/20/06
062 Steel Challenge #2 — The 72 Second Challenge!
Our exclusive coverage of the Steel Challenge continues with The Outdoor Channel/SIGARMS “72 Second Challenge” — can one of the best Steel Challenge shooters in the world break an overall time of 72 seconds and win the biggest payday in the history of the shooting sports? 02/27/06
063 SIGARMS Aims High
With the U.S. military handgun contract looming on the horizon, veteran military and handgun manufacturer SIGARMS is making plans to once again enter the fray. 03/06/06
064 Art of the Revolver
Meet Hamilton Bowen, the greatest custom revolvermaker in the world, as he takes you step by step through the creation of a custom revolver. 03/13/06
065 Michael Goes Cowboy
Break out the hats and holsters as host Michael Bane proves you can teach an old cowboy new tricks…sometimes.

Cowboys Season 3 Lineup
# Episode Title/Synopsis Airs week of
027 Smoke in the Valley (Black Powder)
Black powder shooting is the heart and soul of the cowboy experience…but make sure your guns are dishwasher-safe! 12/26/05
028 Here come de Judge
Meet the man who invented the booming sport of Cowboy Action Shooting, Harper Creigh – a.k.a. Judge Roy Bean, “The Law West of the Pecos” and SASS #1 01/02/06
029 Teach em Right
More and more people are looking for a way back to the 19th century to join the cowboy revolution. Tequila shows us the way with his cowboy shooting camp. 01/09/06
030 Meet the Carolina Belles
Series Synopsis: Meet the Carolina Belles, four lovely ladies who mix authentic period dress and gunpowder with powerful results. Their motto: “it’s not how good you shoot, but how good you look shootin 01/16/06
031 The Cowboys and Cowgirls of Western 3 Gun
Western 3 Gun brings together the best gunhands in all of cowboy shooting; this week, we find out what makes them tick. 01/23/06
032 Training a Gun Horse
In the booming sport of Mounted Cowboy Action Shooting, it’s not just the cowboys and cowgirls who need special training. Training a “gun horse,” horse who is not only used to the gunfire but loves the game. 01/30/06
033 King of the Cowboys
The Roy Rogers museum in Branson Missouri holds a treasure trove of memories from the” King of the Cowboys” 02/06/06
034 Remembering the Alamo
Cowboy mounted shooters run hog wild during the reunion of cast and family members of the original John Wayne ALAMO — on the set of that classic movie! 02/13/06
035 Hunting the Prairie Buffalo…in Period!
Tequila joins firearms restoration expert Doug Turnbull and National Firearms Museum Curator Phil Schreier for a period buffalo hunt on the Kansas prairie. 02/20/06
036 Young Guns
There’s a whole new generation of cowboy action shooting champions — they’re fast, they’re committed…and they’re young. Lead Dispenser and Badlands Bud have set a whole new standard for cowboy action shooting, and here are their shooting secrets. 02/27/06
037 SASS Convention
Once a year, thousands of cowboys gather in Las Vegas to mix with the rodeo fans, find out the newest and best of cowboy action shooting and party like it’s 1899! 03/06/06
038 Building a Rifle “Old School”
Gunmaker Jim Fleming believes the best way to build a 19th century rifle is with 19th century tools. 03/13/06
039 From Cow to Cowboy…Holsters, that is.
Cowboy action shooting has led to a resurgence of classic leather holster-making, and leading the pack is the venerable Laredo, TX, holster-making family of Kirkpatrick Leather. 03/20/06


Anonymous said...

Wed at 3:00 am is perfect PVR recording time!

Anonymous said...

The Cowboy series sounds really interesting.

Are the earlier seasons available on DVD?

Anonymous said...


I can't find a listing for Shooting Gallery on my cable network OR on OLN's own website.
What gives???


Anonymous said...

Caught the new opening to Shooting Gallery. The editing makes it look like the kid is reacting with a 'WOW' to Michael laughing after firing the full auto CZ. Too funny.
Much better opening, with more show shots, and faster pace.

Anonymous said...

The ear ring thing offends or turns off 90% of the people who watch Shooting Gallery, especially the "danglies". They gotta go, dude. You don't have to take them off, but I don't have to support the sponsors of the show, either. That's the way it works...

Anonymous said...

There is also great Branson shows to check out while there too.

Anonymous said...

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