Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Case FOR Bird Flu...

...this from Drudge, just in case you thought I was getting too serious:
Surprise: Chickens Can Grow Teeth

Chicken will grow teeth when pigs can fly.

Well, better start searching the skies for flying pork—scientists have discovered a mutant chicken with a full set of crocodile-like chompers.

The mutant chick, called Talpid, also had severe limb defects and died before hatching. It was discovered 50 years ago, but no one had ever examined its mouth until now.

The researchers recently created more Talpids by tweaking the genes of normal chickens to grow teeth.

"What we discovered were teeth similar to those of crocodiles—not surprising as birds are the closest living relatives of the reptile," said Mark Ferguson of the University of Manchester.
Well, that scares the hell out of me! Flocks of crocodile-teethed mutant chickens rampaging through the streets, burning KFCs, smashing supermarket windows, demanding that newspaper stop printing cartoons that deplict chickens...whoops! Sorry! That last comment was about a different flock of rampaging chickens!

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Anonymous said...

Chickens with croc teeth? So, I wonder if crocodile-teethed mutant rampaging chickens'd taste like good gator sausage when they grew up?