Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"My" Gun Finds a New Home!

Ron Cook gets to take "my" TACTICAL SOLUTIONS/SHOOTING GALLERY Giveaway Gun home from SHOT.

He was a very happy puppy, as he's a dedicated .22 shooter and an accumulator of 10/.22S.

I made him promise to give it a good home, feed it regularly, etc.

And while we're on the subject of Tactical Solutions, they have an AMAZING new line of suppressors. As with everything they do, the suppressors are, dare I say, elegant, without the usual Mil-Spec macho-ness that has hindered the adoption of silencing technology into law enforcement and civilian markets. They have a screw-on .22 suppressor, but what really struck me was the Browning Buck Mark pistol and a really flashy Ruger 10/.22 with integral suppressors. Here's their Buck Mark page with non-suppressed guns...the pages on the suppressors aren't up yet. You could not tell that the little Buck Mark was suppressed, which is exactly what you want in a suppressor! Very smart...


Anonymous said...

Who did the squirted on the flames?

Anonymous said...

What, no obnoxious shirt?

Anonymous said...

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Hahaha well i guess it is, good luck for you.

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