Friday, February 03, 2006

HIGH NOON — A Fairy Tale

"Look at that big hand move along
Nearing High Noon!"

— Tex Ritter

I know you've been waiting all day for this one, but I GOT NOTHING! In fact, my little cherubs and seraphim are so upset that they didn't come through for me, that they've asked me to tell them a bedtime story.

So I thought and I thought, and then I remembered HIGH NOON IN HARTFORD CITY. Now, this is only a fairy tale, and it's not true even one little bit. I don't want you reading into it anything...

Once upon a time
there was a beautiful cowgirl who lived in Hartford City, but she was very very sad. ALl her friends had deserted her, gone to places where the Evil UA-Trolls didn't live and prices for renting the old campsite were so much cheaper! All she had left was her beautiful silver pony, whom she named...Trigger!

Well, one day she woke up and realized that she was on the verge of being tied to a railroad track and plumb run'd over! So she said, what can I do? What can I do? And Trigger, every the faithful friend, whispered in her ear...send out the word to our old friends and ask them for help, the horse said. But be sure to set a deadline, so we won't be tied to the railroad tracks.

Oh, she replied, a deadline! What sort of deadline???

And Trigger thought and thought, and finally he said, "I've got it! HIGH NOON! Friday! Just before the Big Campfire Singalong!"

"High noon it is," she said.

So the word of the cowgirl's plight went out far and wide, and was met with a great rolling silence. The deadline drew closer and closer, and no words. Just when she was on the verge of despair, word came that TWO COWBOYS were riding to her rescue!!!

"Only two," she thought. "I'm not THAT old and ugly!!!"

One cowboy, one of her oldest friends, rode from the East, his magnificent lever action rifle in his scabbard. He was wounded, though, and had recently lost his brother. But he rallied himself and rode to rescue the cowgirl, because it had to be done.

The second cowboy rode from the West. He was a paladin of sorts, a known chaser of lost causes; his emblem was that of St. John the Divine, and upon his snow-white breast he bore the magic numbers 1...9...1...1...

Oh, tell us more! Tell us more! say the cherubs and seraphim, but I've got to go eat a really expensive dinner in Vegas!!! Besides, not a word of this is true...really...really really...


Anonymous said...

John the Revelator

Anonymous said...

Whaaaat? I'm so confused.

Cowboy from the east..... H&K?

Cowboy from the west..... Springfield?

High noon... next Friday? Today? Never?

Anonymous said...

S & W - from the East- Is actually older than Colt and they have been friends a long long time.

Para Ord. - 1911.

If your kidding Mike, then so am I.

Adios, but I will try to switch the tracks before the train gets there.

I am the man in the mask.

Anonymous said...

Marlin and Browning?


Anonymous said...

Joint partnership:

How about U.S. Fire Arms Mfg Co.
in Hartford
---for Historic Division

go see

AND (Drum roll please)

Top of the class in both respects.

(I own/shoot both Companies products)

Anonymous said...

Mike -

This whole thing is getting as bad as who Shot Kennedy......?

Please tell us who is on this grassy knoll........?

Is there a single bullet theory....?

or - are we looking at two SHOOTERS? ---A Conspirasy ...

..TWO Buyers for COLT MFG?

Anonymous said...

Screw Colt. Who gives a f*ck?

They sold us civilians out long ago. Eff 'em.

Anonymous said...

easy Pard'ner. . . no reason to get frustrated.

The real issue here is not what Colt did in the past ---its what could be possible from TODAY onward.

I for one will be glad for a change of ownership/mgmt/
workforce/manufacturing approach on an immediate basis.

The sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

Hello there Mike---et al.--

- earlier this morning was confirmed by telephone that small unit/division of GENERAL DYNAMICS is buyer of Colt Defense, LLC. However,.............

The announcment is being held off until:

1. General D. has a habit of getting the Ducks in a row (real engineers) before any public disclosure. They have issues. . . .

and most importantly, as part of the deal..............

2. The Sale of Commercial can/must be worked out and completed.

Mike- this your "rail road train story"

Gen. D. wants no liability fallout/blowback from their purchase of COLT DEFENSE, LLC.

Don't expect an answer until the pension and other liabilities can be severed.

That is to say, there will be no "completed sale" until COLT Mfg. is gone. So technically, there is no "sale" at this time---but the "Transaction-Train" has left the station.

Read all about it in COLT DEFENSE, LLC Public Stock Offering On-line. Its all there- including the issues previously alluded to with the realestate.

J. Robards, QC Eng.
originally posted under SHOT Show Blog

Anonymous said...

Why not call them directly. From Colts web page: I understand this is the man in charge: a Mr. Chen. . . ?

Contact: Carlton Chen (860) 244-1315 (office) (e-mail)

Anonymous said...

-or- read the COLT TOUR on the 1911 Forum: no wonder they'er out o' bis.-no products.

Anonymous said...

Heres the thread aforementioned COLT Tour .

No wonder i've been waiting 19 months for my 5.5 SA.

Mr. CHEN, where is my Damn gun.

Anonymous said...

Ruger and Marlin is my guess

Anonymous said...

Or Ruger and Henry.

My guess Ruger gets the 1911 and Henry/Marlin gets the SAA.


Anonymous said...

So why are you still using the incorrect form "cherubs" after that "altar boy" enlightened you? Pride? The use of it again so soon--and twice--is doubtless intentional. And telling.