Thursday, February 09, 2006


Hanging on by the proverbial thread. Big story is SIG's new AR-styled rifle, which I've been sitting on for a month. Will post pixs ASAP. Also like Taurus' Gaucho revolving rifle and M-92 lever action .22. The day was a haze of filming and meetings. Sorry...eing a bad blogger!


Anonymous said...

Colt, Michael, Colt. What's the scoop with Colt?

Anonymous said...

testingtestingtesting -- Just checking to see if I can actually post here without getting an approved blogname.

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems I can. Yippee. Didn't know I had to have my own blog to be a blogger. Gulp. Now, let's see if this will post...

shooter said...

Dear Santa...I mean Michael...I mean SHOT show gift giving fairy...
I have been a really really really good boy this year. I want a pony, a new firetruck, S&W M/P, FN P90, anything Colt, and a new .45 Springfield XD. Oh yeah, one of those really hot SHOT Show display babes...blonde, preferably C cup and bikini clad.

Thanks SHOT SHOW gift giving fairy!

Yours truly,

Tyler said...

I NEED pictures of that rifle.

Anonymous said...

Show us the pics of the SIG rifle. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

Jason said...

They have pictures of the SIG rifle over on the site, try this link:

fmgsce said...

Michael: Tried to track you down at SHOT but we were both running in a million different directions.
No big deal, but wanted to ask face to face why you refer to American Handgunner Magazine as "American Fudpucker"? We're a bit baffled at the Magazine in that we have never criticized you to our readers. Maybe you could give Roy or me a call sometime at the office and let us know what the motivation is behind "American Fudpucker".
Thanks... Steve Evatt
American Handgunner Magazine

Anonymous said...

To Steve Evatt -- Maybe he's still reeling, as I am, from that breakthrough headline of several months ago with the Clint Smith column about...drumroll cymbal clash...turdsuckers?

Michael Bane said...


I was impossible to reach at SHOT. Every minute was orbiting on and off the Show floor with a camera crew.

You need to talk to Roy about my relationship with AH. As you may or may not know, I began writing for AH in its first year and had a long long run with the magazine.

I have no issues with Roy, who has been my friend for many many years, or with any of the great AH writers (in fact, Charlie Petty and I at least managed to carve out a dinner Wednesday night before the Show started).

AH and I had a video deal go bad a few years back. It was unpleasant, but it shouldn't have been a big deal — video deals fall through all the time. It's the nature of the beast. Unfortunately, AH's lawyers got into it, and things got ugly quick. Suffice to say I LIVE with an attorney who, when she was in a firm, had a plaque on her desk that read the only difference between her and a velociraptor was "lipstick."

As a journalist, author and video professional, I cannot and will not back down from a legal challenge to my intellectual property rights — to do so would harm not just me, but every other media professional out there who does not have the wherewithal to respond to such a challenge. I have gone to the mattresses twice on intellectual property disputes, and I have won both times. My response is ALWAYS THE SAME, which is that once it starts, I will go directly to the mattresses without passing "GO," however ugly and however expensive it gets.

Apparently AH's lawyers thought I was just another writer they could roll over. Surprise surprise. When they finished scraping the poo off the walls, there were a lot of bruised egos and broken friendships.

I would say that Roy and I are still on good terms. We talked briefly at SHOT, and I once again begged Ms. Roy (Suzie) to leave him and run away with me, and once agan she demured.

I'm sorry I can't write for AH anymore — I think I brought a balance to the magazine that it could use now. I know AH is moving forward nto video, and I wish them well. But the bottom line is that the people over Roy have proven themselves to be without honor.

Harsh, but true.


Anonymous said...

American Handgunner screwed the pooch with the Outdoor Channel deal. Without the title and association of AH, Mr. Bane was able to struggle on and have SG make it to the top rated show in its first year.

But that was then and this is now. Are you sure it is "fubpucker" and not "turdsucker"? And just how has shilling Clint's overpriced revolver gone? No offense but you cannot tell us that AH was being objective about the Thunder Ranch gun. Seems like a conflict of interest. But in case you don't see it the same way, we look forward to the stellar write up of the Massad Ayoob signature series AR from Sabre Defense. Probably not as sweet as a Rock River but what do I know? I'm just a turdsucker afterall.

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