Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm Taking a Sick Day... see if I can get over whatever it is I have, which may be either a post-SHOT-SG Challenge head cold or Ebola.

And while I'm sleeping, this...KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES, MR. AND MRS. AMERICA!!!

They can visit me on their way in...

More aspirin, please!


Anonymous said...

You could always go see J. Mengele DDS. ;)

Been flying lately? With all the traveling you do, you should have enough frequent flyer miles to take the wife to Jupiter on vacation. I like to think of planes as "tubular Petri dishes in the sky."
Hope it's something eating too much dust at Gunsite. We need to keep good bloggers healthy!

Get well,

Michael Bane said...

I do have enough frequent flier miles to go to the moon!

I think it's a dirty little trick...when you fly a lot, they give you free tickets to fly even more. Am I the only one that sees something odd in this?

Plus, whenever I take really long trips, like to Europe or the Pacific Rim, Jim Carrey movies are always playing.

Coincidence? I think not!