Wednesday, February 01, 2006

How Katie Couric Came to Gargle Turds...

Interesting chain of events leading up to the Today Show piece on women with guns. A few months ago, NSSF sent out a press release obout the gorwing numbers of women sport shooters and hunters.

Predictably, the American MSM ignored the release, concentrating on Senator Edward Kennedy's mindless drooling and blathering and moonbat Cindy Sheehan's fashion accessories. The story did, however, get picked up by The Economist in England, who ran a story in their January 5 edition.

That got noticed by Today Show editors, because everybody knows all the smart, intelligent, liberal people live in Europe. The Economist, however, tends to appeal to people with IQs higher than Reese Whitherspoon's bra size and has historically run some thoughtful stories (heck, they did one on me once, characterizing yours truly as, "the quintessential American risk-taker"). Apparently, Katie was doing an interview with herself when the piece came in, and it ended up on the air.

Good job, NSSF!


mfgobel said...

The Economist is anti gun from an editorial perspective so it is refreshing to see the Jan 5 item. They have been good about publishing pro gun letters to the editor so write in!


Timmeeee said...

So are you gonna tell us what Katie said?

Also, the Economist article requires a subscription, so how about a transcript?

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