Monday, February 06, 2006

SHOT Show Warning...

...most of this week will be getting ready for SHOT. I leave Wednesday AM, and from the time I arrive in Vegas every second is spoken for. We've got three television shows to film, the presentation to Taurus for SG Gun of the Year, some planning work with Crimson Trace, and, of course, giving away the absolutely amazing TACTICAL SOUTIONS/RUGER Shooting Gallery Giveaway Gun! The stock just came back from the airbrusher, and I'll post the pix as soon as I head up to my office.

I had originally planned to live-blog as much as I could, but it just doesn't seem rational at this point. I'm going to try [DO OR DO NOT, LUKE! THERE IS NO TRY!]...I'm ourfitting my assistant, ascerbic revolver world champion Lisa Farrell, with a digital camera and we'll collect what we can.


Patrick Sweeney said...

Lisa, with a digital camera and instructions to post? Guys, be careful. Do not be caught looking down the blouse of "Miss CZ" or whomever. Lisa will show no mercy.

Anonymous said...


It would be nice during your discussions of new products at the SHOT show to ask when the item will actually hit the market. It seems that each year there are new guns etc. that don't show up in the marketplace for a year or more. Some things are worth waiting for and some things are not.