Monday, February 13, 2006


Finally, and dead friggin' tired to boot!

But first:

1) Heard from two pretty credible sources that the Colt deal is OFF the table, specifically on the General Dynamics side.

2) The winner of the AMAZING Tactical Solutions/SHOOTING GALLERY Giveaway 10/.22 was Ron Cook from Warne Scope Mounts. I thought he was going to weep...full post with pixs later. More than 5000 entries!

3) Taurus "Gun of the Year" presentation for the Gaucho went great.

4) Yes, dear heavens, there were another million 1911s and two million AR-15s. BTW, with Rock River adopting the .458 SOCOM round, there's at least a Big Dog in the big boomer AR market, which has been drifting aimlessly for a couple of years. Remind me to write more about this later.

5) Instead of posting Sunday AM like I planned from the Press Room, I spent the last day of the SHOT taking the guys from the Paralyzed Veterans Association around the floor of the Show introducing them to people who could help. More about that later, too.


Anonymous said...

I saw on some other web-sites that winchester was showing some new lever action models. Is that true and are they somehow going to produce that .405 again?

Michael Bane said...

I would not be holding my breath on that!

Michael B

Anonymous said...

Wait a sec... Winchester had a booth at SHOT? But, they're dead. Brains?