Monday, April 24, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again......almost

Just had a spectacular pizza at A-16, one of those tres trendy places in DISARMED SAN FRAN, which hopefully will soon be sold to the Chinese for an oil franchise somewhere. I'll miss the restaurants and Anchor Steam, but last I checked I hadn't left my heart here. Anyway, it was a pizza to die for — a sauce of Roma tomatoes, onions, lots of oregano, anchovies, olives and hot Italian peppers, served by a snooty-ass waitress who seated us so far back in the restaurant. we were actually in Oakland. It was either my faded orange Aloha shirt from the MGM Grand gift shop in Vegas or the SIGARMS jacket that got us dis'sed...I can't wait to get the new SHOOTING GALLERY "We Deal In Lead, Friend" t-shirts! They'll probably start seating me on the sidewalk.

I decided to forgo the wine for a local Pilsner, which proved to be the correct call. When it comes to matching liquor and food, I always opt for the simple acronym WWCSD...What Would Charlie Sheen Do? Charlie say, "Pizza = Beer." Actually, he'd probably say that Denise Richards is a lying slut, but he'd still go for the beer.

I'm sitting in a bright yellow hotel room with a single lime green wall, featuring strange abstract art on the wall. The bathroom is the color of passionfruit Sweetie is a master of finding strange places to stay when we travel. However, they have high-speed internet, so I was able to buy for kibbles and bits a set of really nice Ahrend's grips for my impending Hamilton Bowen L-frame .44 Special. Ah, technology!

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