Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Thumper Redux

As promized, a pix of Thumper, my Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum, after the frame transplant (from steel Dragoon to aluminum NM Blackhawk frame) and a set of Executioner's beautiful elk stag grips fitted.

Sometime down the line, I'm going to have what's left of the "Kids Don't Try This At Home" warning from Ruger buffed off the barrel and have the frame hard chromed.

Does this make me a gunsmith???


Anonymous said...

Well I dunno, you screwed two parts together that didn't come from the factory together and ended up with a GUN. Sounds like "manufacturing a gun" to me. At least inside the Beltway it's probably viewed that way, since nobody there knows anything about either manufacturing or guns.

Anonymous said...

Do it yourself.

Strip the bluing, fill the "warning" with copper solder, buff it, then triple plate it ( copper -> Nickel -> Chrome ).

Howto's and gear can be found here:

Anonymous said...

You changed the grips?? Uh oh.
You changed the frame! Dear God!!

Next you want to get rid of the "Read the owners manual and please don't sue us if you're too stupid to avoid shooting yourself" warning?

You're not a gunsmith, you're a manufacturer!

The only chance you have of avoiding serious Federal time is to deliver the gun to me and I'll take the rap for you.
Otherwise, you might as well just sleep with the doors wide open so the ninja clad raid team can waltz right in.
(better get a kevlar vest for the dog too)

I promise to give the Ruger a nice warm Arizona home.