Monday, April 10, 2006

H.R. 5092

"Send lawyers, guns and money
The shit has hit the fan..."

Lawyers, Guns & Money
Warren Zevon

Visit The Outdoor Wire [fixed the link, thanks to Mr. Jim] today for the latest update in the BATFE/custom gunsmith "controversy" and read about HR 5092, a bill introduced in Congress from U.S. Representatives Howard Coble, (R-North Carolina) and Bobby Scott (D-Virginia) that would “modernize and reform” the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Keep those cards and letter coming, boys and girls, because IT'S WORKING!


Anonymous said...

Mike, the link points to
"Planetmind Webmail".

Got on that goes to the BATFEXCREMENT article?


Jim Shepherd said...

The Outdoor Wire can be hit by going to our website (clever title, eh) and clicking on the calendar for today's date. That will bring up the whole edition - the story's at the bottom of the page.
Jim Shepherd, The Outdoor Wire

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us updated . I have enjoyed your shows and am happy I found your internet sight . Good Work.

Anonymous said...

If a gunsmith is 'manufacturing' a firearm by making simple changes, then any owner who, for instance, switches from arched to flat mainspring housings on his 1911s is 'manufacturing' firearms without a license.

Anonymous said...

This can only be a first step.

My local gun dealer was targeted by the ATF-Holes 5yrs ago on a single paper work violation. The ATF and the court ignored the 1986 change in the law and put him in jail for 3yrs. They charged him under the 68gun act version of the law that claims a paper work violation is a Felony. Now this guy is now a Felon. He was the gun smith for the local police now they dont even have a gunsmith.

Michael something MUST be done about Past BATF Abuse.

Please address this issue of past abuse on your show.

Michael have you ever heard of JPFO? and the Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report that JPFO has posted?

Publicola said...

being the pessimistic sort I am I'm not terribly exciteed by the bill. Course I won't be excited by anything les than the dissolution of the ATFU with criminal charges brought against any employee who did time in the firearms division.

Still I don't see this having a major impact on what they do (harrass gun owners & vendors & such). It'll just alter the way they do it.

ATFU is an agency that repeatedly has tried to bankrupt gun owners (through numerous & expensive court actions, often frivilous) when they didn't have a case. You really think they won't use "fines" to achieve the same end?

I see no hope of reprieve for gun owners or those in the business short of disbanding the ATFU.