Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Take a Break — Read Something!

Here's some nice words on new books from T. Jefferson Parker and my buddy Robert Crais. Both of them are good guys (and gun guys). Crais last few Elvis Cole novels have been nothing short of spectacular,B TW.

I just finished reading what may be the best police procedural/ruminations on God and the role of religion ever written, Valley of Bones, by Michael Gruber. Here's an interview with Gruber.

Gruber's first book, Tropic of Night, rattled me so much that I retreated to the gun room and burned some of my Santeria candles...you do have Santeria candles in your gun room, don't you? Mine sit on the elevated shelf that holds my powder scales. When you skate along the edges of the Known Universe, it's best not to dis' any gods...

Seriously, I pretty much rate a "zero" on the Religion In Your Life scale, but Valley of Bones gave me pause and caused me to think. Buy it and read it!


Anonymous said...

Your unwritten novels are equal, or better, MB. Your knowledge & talent abound; next is Wisdom & Trueth above Zero. Keep reading.

Anonymous said...

No thanks. If I want to read entertaining works of fiction I'll read the 4 Gospels. Check out some Skeptic publications before you are pulled over into the Dark Side!