Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Light Blogging Alert!!!

...largely because I'm on an incredibly slow dial-up connection through, God help me, AOL in a hotel room in Sonoma. Great wine...lousy internet!

Am on vacation with my Sweetie and her Mom and Grand-Mom — and, yes, I left my housesitter, who is a fellow competition shooter, one of my ARs, so feel free to drop in uninvited while I'm gone!

My FFL guy tells me my Charter Arms Bulldog .44 has finally arrived. I loved the old the Sainted Col. Jeff said, a gun to be carried much and shot little. I'm looking forward to putting together an article titled "Beautiful Losers," on my collection of .44 Specials. I am hopeful that the new Bulldogs can go the distance...I really want to give the little gun a good report!

I've also got a bunch of holsters to report on, plus the long-promised Detonics did I get so far behind????

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Anonymous said...

I got me one a them old .44 target bulldogs and it sure do carry nice but I shot at a running coyote about 70 yards away and dang if I didn't miss him. I reckon it wasn't designed fer shootin at varmints that small and that far off.