Monday, April 03, 2006

The Whole BATF JIHAD Enchilada to date...

Jim Shepherd at The Outdoor Wire has been a busy boy, and he's published the first comprehensive report on the BATF controversy. Read the whole thing here [I'll hook up the link as soon as I get it, but I wanted to get this story up] , but here's a taste (and, yes, my information held up amazingly well):
When does customization of a firearm become manufacturing? That seemingly simple question is occupying the near undivided attention of the firearms industry. Observers say it is a question with the potential to become a firestorm that could put custom gunsmiths out of business; if not behind bars.

The controversy began with a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms inspection of Competitive Edge Gunworks in Bogard, Missouri. BATF and tax agents appeared and began examining the company's records. When they finished, owner Larry Crow was told he potentially faced felony charges for manufacturing firearms without a license.

Crow says he was stunned.

Agents went on to tell him that his manufacturing status would mean liability for federal excise taxes - and penalties - from the beginning of his business. There is, they told the thunderstruck Crow, no statute of limitations for failing to file Federal Excise Taxes, but there were serious penalties.


Whether Crow's is a single case brought by an overzealous agent or the opening shot of a BATF campaign against gunsmiths has the entire firearms industry abuzz.

If it proves to be the first shot of another fight, the stakes are very high. The fallout would be felt by virtually any company or individual involved in the gunsmithing business; from individual gunsmiths and educators teaching firearms repair to companies like Brownells or Midway USA. Those companies primarily supply componentry to gunsmiths, but also produce instructional material. The firearms they produce in the course of those instructional pieces are apparently enough to qualify them as manufacturers in this very narrow interpretation. Likewise, custom gunsmiths' samples are also apparently under scrutiny.

Consequently, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the Second Amendment Foundation, the National Rifle Association and others are looking for clarification of a single question: at what point does gunsmithing become manufacturing?
As I said on Thursday when I broke this story, there are widespread national ramifications. The big conservative blogs have now picked up on it, and the Washington POST and several news stories are very interested.

My little cherubs and seraphim tell me that the BATFE is humming like a kicked-over anthill, trying to figure out where are the leaks are and how this story blew up so quickly, especially over the weekend, usually an ollie ollie oxen-free safe zone for news inside the Beltway.

This remains a developing story...more when the cherubs and seraphim report in...


Anonymous said...

Might this also effect gunsmith schools?

Anonymous said...

oops, affect.

Anonymous said...

Good cartoon here of how a Jihad is supposed to go, and I hope it works this well for the BATFE.

Now who's got a jet?

Anonymous said...

So much for the Bush administration being pro-gun. Yet another way all you Bush fans got suckered.

Anonymous said...

Michael have you ever read or talked about on your show the the report from the "Congressional research Service" about the ATF Firearms Testing Procedures?

The report is available at

Thank you Bruce from Illinois