Wednesday, April 12, 2006

United Airlines Should Be Declared a Terrorist Oganization

I'm saying it's past time to petition Homeland Security to place United Airlines on the permanent terrorist watch list.

United, of course, just chose their new marketing slogan: "It's Almost Worth Crashing the Plane to Get Rid of You Damn Passengers!" which narrowly beat out "Rot in Hell, Frequent Fliers!" and "J-I-H-A-D spells United!"

Okay, I guess I was due a bad trip...I've been on a roll. Still...I was "purged out of the system" yesterday, which means that United canceled my ticket home because...well...because. I was "manually reinserted" in the system this AM, but I get to spend the day flying around the country because anything vaguely resembling a direct flight was full of...I don't know...United staff flying for free, who are probably the only customers who get any consideration. I hope they choke on their stale pretzels...

Any organization that so clearly hates Americans and spreads so much chaos should definitely be on some kind of watch list! I can't wait until the pilots' strike!!!


Anonymous said...

See .. you are just being server better, they want to make sure that when they screw you, you will at least get their full attention.

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