Thursday, April 20, 2006

SIDEWAYS Redux an homage to the movie, I'm refusing to drink merlot. I also went out today and tried to buy a broadband air-card for my laptop, but, as I said yesterday, wine good...internet bad. In an effort to raise the level of discourse on my blog, I thought I'd talk wine.

FAVORITE WINERY SO FAR: Imagery...wonderful cabernet; great art gallery of art commisioned for labels. Good taste is timeless.

MOST FUN AT A WINERY: B. R. Cohn, who, in addition to making a spectacular cab has managed the Doobie Brother for, like, forever. Bruce Cohn's brother Mark, who used to do A/R at Warner Brothers Records back in the 1970s, was at the winery when we visited. As you know (don't you?) I began my haphazard career writing for the likes f Rolling Stone in the mid-1970s, hanging around CBGBs and saying things like, "I'm with the band." Mark and I got to spend a lot of time talking about the old rock 'n' roll days, comparing stories of wretched excess and running down the list of, "Do you remember so-and-so?" Big fun; great wine. Long train running...

COOLEST WINE TOUR: Benziger Family Winery, hands down. Organic wine; really nice chardonnay...yeah yeah. so what? I like white wine; I also like revolvers. So sue me.

All in all, I feel weird not has been a long haul. By the way and off the record, Robin Berg and I are putting togther yet another gun show, which is going to ROCK if we can get The Outdoor Channel to buy it. I feel pretty good about it, but it'll be a month or so we're there. You'll read about it here first.

Snuffy, I'm thinking that 70-yard shots with any snubby has a lot of luck factored in! I like the Charter Bulldog as a good tonic for those pesky kitty cats in my neighborhood...light, easy to carry, and with 200-gr Winchester SilverTips a decisive end for Ms. Kitty's dinner plans. I'm also liking the great Bond Arms Derringer in .45/.410, with two Winchester .410 buckshot cartridges in place...that's 10 .30-caliber pellets against a soft-skinned animal (lots of treed cats have been taken with .22 long rifle). That oughta do it! And darned easy to carry as well.


Anonymous said...

If you are ever in Western North Carolina, you should visit the Biltmore Estate. It is the largest private residence in America, and also has a first-class winery. Their Cardinal's Crest is good for reds, and the Johanessburg Riesling is as good as it gets. Oh, and I like revolvers, too.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you take home some Carneros wines. Some of the best chardonnay in the area. Buena Vista is a great old winery to tour also.

Anonymous said...

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