Monday, April 17, 2006

Updates from the Home Front

Well, I'm back from a 4-show COWBOYS filming swing in Cali-four-nigh-aye. We had BIG FUN arranging for host Richard "Tequila" Young to be killed, like, 10 times. He was shotgunned in the front, the back, through the saloon doors, surprised at the cetera et cetera. There's something very theraputic about "killing" someone multiple times. I don't recommend trying this at home, either!

While I'm thinking about it, my pals at SIGARMS are once again in the giving away a gun business, specifically the cool two-tone P220 .45 ACP pictured above. Repeat after need this gun...You want this deserve this gun...when you win this gun you're going to transfer it to Michael Bane...

It's the right thing to do!

Go to SIGARMS to register right this minute! Be sure to call me when you're ready to ship to my FFL guy.

Also, go to the Outdoor Wire and sign up so you can get the new SHOOTING WIRE, a 3X a week newsletter devoted to the shooting sports. We've needed something like this for a proverbial coon's age, and Jim Shepherd has graciously stepped up. He's the only guy in the business who knows where more bodies are buried than I do! Course, he's older!!!

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